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1971 Corvette Roadster Photo Shoot

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Yellow 1971 Corvette Roadster photo

The 1971 Corvette C3 Roadster was a very rare type of Stingray for that year. This exact Roadster in the picture was owned by Alan Jackson before it came to the Corvette Classics Museum. The Corvette had a rare aluminum big block 454 V8 LS-6 Motor in it that put out an amazing 425 horsepower and 475 pounds of torque at 4,000 RPM's. It also had 4 speed manual transmission. The paint job on this Corvette was sunflower yellow and the interior is all black.

This Corvette Roadster is one of 188 that were built in 1971. There is less then 100 known to exist now, sad to see so few of such an amazing muscle car. This car also won the Bloomington Gold award. The 1971 Roadster is my most favored of the C3 Stingrays mostly because of the upgraded power to it and the way it looks. A very rare car also makes it more desired.

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