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BUILD the CHAOS: is determined to be your favorite online source for free car photos, videos, crash pics and much more but... WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you enjoy Car Bungalow, and would like to help contribute to the site here are some ways you can help us out.

Our mission:
To spread our fascination of the beauty and precision of exotic sport cars with more enthusiasm than a Dodge Viper. Our goal is to prove to the general public that cars can be one of the most beautiful creations on earth, and that even if you can't afford one, absorbing their beauty by looking at our high quality photos of the hottest cars online can be just as satisfactory.

Who made CarBungalow?
Car Bungalow was designed, and remains operated by two cousins a couple of states apart. So when we say "we", we mean "Abe & Tom". Tom and I are major car enthusiasts and we love to work on Car Chaos, so we tend to provide ourselves with as much work as possible. I specialize in many of the technical aspects of the site such as the design and I write the car histories, and Tom specializes in adding more cars than I do. Together we've created over 400 pages so far. I still have made a large contribution to the photos but Tom is all about busting out as many new pages a day as possible, and I focus more on constantly thinking of new ways to improve the site.

We both grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, and have progressively shared the dream of the average American boy, who wants a hot looking, luxurious sports car to accompany whatever other plans for a future lie in his path. The more we work on our site the more our love for the sheer beauty of car design drives us to find more photos of hot cars to drool over. We always enjoy visitors comments, and would love to hear what you have to say about our web site, or to answer any car questions, so feel free to email us whenever you would like!



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